Using Dynamic Web Content to Get A Lead’s Tracking ID



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    Matt Koeppel

    This is powerful Javascript code that can be used to display different content for "Known" vs "Annonymous" users when accessing your website. For example, instead of the "Hi there" alert, you could use a few simple code snippets to show or hide key content blocks on your page.

    Example: Basic Gated Content

    1. Load a whitepaper into the SharpSpring media center and generate a trackable link
    2. Use the javascript above to identify a website visitor
    3. A) If this is a known contact -> provide a download link to the whitepaper
    4. B) If this is an unknown user -> display a basic form to collect their data and then put the download link into the form's Thank You message
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    Manuel Montiel Lara

    John, do you have a list of terms that we can callback?


    I want to print the leadOwnerEmailsignature in the website, nor in the landing pages. 


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    Jon Walker


    Currently it will return any known values for Lead Fields, including custom ones. If a field is blank, it is not returned, so you'd need to check for the presence of the field to determine if it is blank.

    At this time, the only fields returned that aren't standard Contact fields such as First Name, Email, or Custom Fields, are:

    Is Qualified
    Lead Score
    Lead Status
    SharpSpring ID
    Owner ID

    Currently the only Lead Owner info returned is the Owner ID (if present). The above fields would also be excluded if the values were blank. For example, if they don't have a lead owner, no Owner ID would be returned. You could have dynamic content on your page that checks the Owner ID, and displays a different signature as a result (you'd need to determine which ID matches with each owner), but those signatures would need to be part of your page code rather than retrieved from SharpSpring's stored email signautres.

    Note that we always return the trackingID - if they are a known tracked lead, we also return the contact object which contains the above fields, plus any non-blank lead fields.

    If you'd like to see more options here, I recommend suggesting this on our site at so that our Product Team can be aware of the request and consider it moving forward. This would also allows other to vote on your request as well as comment.

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    Rick Hooghiemstra

    Thanks for the article Jon! Very interesting. 

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