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    Carter Tilson

    Hey John, I hope all is well! I was hoping another partner might be able to share their ScheduleOnce integration. Here at SharpSpring, we use Acuity Scheduling as our calendar software via Zapier integration.

    Through the Acuity settings, we integrate GoToMeeting and Google Calendar. This enables appointments scheduled through Acuity to be automatically created as Calendar events on our Sales team's respective calendars, complete with an auto-generated GoToMeeting link that is included in the calendar invite and provided to the lead on the scheduling thank you page.

    When someone fills out an Acuity form, we have a Zap set up to post the form data to the Native form in SharpSpring that we have created for this purpose. It pulls over all of the appointment details into standard and custom fields on the lead record.

    Here are these steps we use:

    We use a filter here because we actually have a few different paths/calendar types, depending on the type of lead. For your use case, this will not be necessary, so you can ignore the filter.

    Here's what the Post step looks like:

    The URL that is partially redacted is the unique webhook that you can find in SharpSpring for any Native form that you have created. You can grab it from the embed code of the form in SharpSpring. Then just map all of the fields in Zapier, as seen in the image, submit a test from Zapier to the Native form in SharpSpring, and map the form in SharpSpring once the data has been passed to it. You should be good to go after that!

    You can also integrate with ScheduleOnce via Zapier, this is just how we've approached the matter. If you need any assistance setting up either of these integrations please let me know and I will get you speaking with one of our specialists. 

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    Scott Hampson

    We implemented a connection from ScheduleOnce to SharpSpring, for a client.

    To complete this, we just used Zapier, to pass the ScheduleOnce form data across to SS.
    We also set a success page URL in ScheduleOnce for successful schedule requests & set that Success page as an Important page in SS, so that we had another point of contact to use in SS for Automations, if required.

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    Nicole Kutches

    Does this work the same with Calendly?

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