Eloqua & SharpSpring integration


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    Norma Melendez

    Hi Warwick!

    Zapier is a fantastic 3rd party service that can be used to send information to SharpSpring. A simple way to accomplish this would be to create an intermediary stop to a Google Sheet before the information is Zap'd to SharpSpring, and this is where you will add the desired extra parameters. So your Zap will go from Eloqua-->Google Sheet-->SharpSpring.

    You will zap the value from Eloqua to a Google Sheet with (at least) 3 columns: A) email, B) add on parameters, C) final string. They key is that you will have to code the 3rd column to combine the email column and the add-on parameters. This value in column C is the value that you will map to the desired field in SharpSpring.

    Hope this helps!

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