Adding Contacts to a list via a workflow



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    Hi Cory,

    If I understand correctly, you're using a workflow to add contacts to a list. In this example, the contact should remain on the list until the list is manually rebuilt.

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    Cory Gordon

    Hi Harryson,

    Sorry - my question wasn't very clear.

    I created a list originally with the following logic:

    1. Is part of a campaign
    2. Has visited a specific web page

    If I was to then also add people to this same list via a workflow, would that logic / decision process hold ( i.e. They're part of a campaign and have visited a specific website), as that particular action is fired within the workflow?

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    Hello Cory.

    Is this a dynamic list, or did you set a trigger as part of a visual workflow that adds contacts to a regular list after meeting the criteria?

    Dynamic List

    The best practice is to allow dynamic lists to build according to their list settings - not to use external action groups or workflows to add to these lists. However, if you were to add to a dynamic list using an external automation, the contact would remain in that list until the workflow is rebuild.

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