Life of Lead - Events are not in time sequence.



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    Pierpaolo Villano

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    Hey Pierpaolo.

    Those site results are intentionally aggregated to save real estate on the life of the lead. There is a limit to the amount of life of the lead events stored for a contact. If we were to include all of those site visits as individual events, it would be more difficult to maintain clarity. If you have ideas on how we could improve this system, place a feature request. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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    Pierpaolo Villano

    Of course it is. I have an idea:

    I'm certainly not saying to display the data of the visits to the website in a single way, but certainly to aggregate them on a time basis and start a new sequence only when an event other than the visit occurs.

    Let me give an example of a sequence (during the same time period that we assume to be 1 hour):

    1) The customer visits page A, page B, page C (I view the visits in an aggregate way) [Aggregate view]
    2) The customer fills in a form
    3) The customer receives an email and clicks on the link
    4) The customer visits page X, page Y, page Z [Aggregate view]

    In a nutshell the visits are aggregated when nothing else happens other than filling out a form, sending an email, etc. ...

    I hope I've explained myself better. Otherwise it is difficult to understand the sequence followed by the customer.

    Thank you very much

    However, the indication to enter the date and time of the visit for each page visited (which is currently missing) remains valid. I suppose you already have this information and it is simply a matter of viewing it.


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