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    Alex Harkness

    Did you get a response Bert-Jan, perhaps via a ticket? 

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    We got some very helpful idea's from support. To summerize their and our findings:


    What languages are supported:

    • The individual users in instances can set their own language preference within the application.  Here is a list of the currently supported languages.


    How do you get a e-mail or template in the right language?

    • In most modern browsers websites will automatically translate based on the user's local preferences; however, the email templates created in SharpSpring will be based in the language they are created in.
    • There is currently no way of changing the language of an email or template onze it is created (feature request?).


    Should clients buy extra licenses for each country? E.g. Do we need extra SharpSpring instances?

    • One license for all countries saves costs. But there's no way to segment available content by language nor location (other than putting it in separate folders). So,teams across various countries would have access to content for other countries.
    • We decided to buy extra licences. Since we are planning to work in 3 or more countries, we think that separate accounts are easier to manage (e-mails, lists, workflows, pipelines). We do not want countries to see each other pipelines.
    • Our client will switch to their own agency account to switch easily between instances.


    Practical Questions.

    How to assure that lead are always addresses in their own language? 

    • Support suggests custom fields and very careful segmentation. In the coming month we will work out some guidelines for corporate users while using separate instances of SharpSpring.

    Can Lead choose their own language?

    • Certainly. This can be an option in a form that is tied to a lead level custom field. 
    • Since we are using separate instances, this is no longer an issue.


    Is there a way to make templates multi-language? Dynamic content?

    • You could use dynamic content for this, certainly.


    What is the best way to translate forms?

    • There's no way to accomplish this within SharpSpring. You'll need to create unique forms for the unique websites.


    How to assure that lead are always addressed in their own language?

    • Can't control this, unfortunately. Another reason to have separate instances.


    Please ask for more findings in a few months.

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