Looking for way to avoid marketing to actively engaged Accounts and their associated Contacts


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    Hey Brian,

    Great questions!

    Question 1: Is it possible to avoid emailing leads who are in an account that has an active opportunity, which they aren't on? The short answer is no.

    • Ideally, when an opportunity is created for a lead, you could update a custom field in their Account record, with something like "Currently being worked = TRUE". That way, all the leads could check the value of that account field, and be excluded from your emails.
    • Unfortunately, SharpSpring doesn't currently support changing account field values in automation. (We've got a suggestion in Sharp Ideas for it here. Feel free to upvote it!) So we're at a dead end here.
    • That means, if you're dead set on not marketing to this subset of people, your best bet is to just add them to the Opportunity, even though they aren't expressly involved. This'll let you exclude them with the opportunity filters you mentioned. It isn't ideal, but it does exclude the leads from your marketing messaging.

    As you see, it's a tradeoff: either include them on the Opportunity (and risk possible miscommunication), or allow them to continue receiving marketing messaging (and risk their confusion). Sorry I can't give you better news on this one!

    Question 2. Is it possible to avoid emailing contacts with open tasks? The answer is yes, if you're using Sales Optimizer (which I recommend).

    • We currently don't have any triggers or filters specifically regarding open tasks. So we'll need to get creative. Instead of specifically checking if they have any open tasks, we'll check if they're in an automation which assigns tasks. 
    • Depending on your sales process, you may be assigning tasks automatically with Sales Optimizer workflows. If that's the case, then you could create a custom field like "High Touch Lead", and set it to equal "TRUE" when the lead begins your different workflows that assign tasks. From there, if the field "High Touch Lead = TRUE", you could use that to exclude them from emails. And when they leave those workflows, you can set it back to FALSE.
    • Another option is to use the filter "is active in the action group" to check whether the lead is actively in a high-touch situation. Then you'll build that action group to assign their Sales Optimizer tasks.
    • If you need some more information about using Sales Optimizer, check out the course in the Virtual Classroom, inside the content library, in the "New Releases" course. (image example)


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